Far As I Can See

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Released: February 17, 2014


We’re delighted to announce the release of the new album, ‘Far As I Can See’, from guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Matt Schofield on 17 February 2014, and our first release on the Mascot Provogue Label.

Schofield’s career has been gaining momentum for the last several years on both sides of the Atlantic. Successful runs in the U.K., Europe and North America have been met with much acclaim and bigger and bigger audiences.

The new album is Schofield’s fifth, and it offers two covers from his heroes plus nine original tracks. Fans will anticipate the epic slow blues of “The Day You Left,” as the guitarist re-harmonizes a traditional 12-bar form. The recording on the album is the first take he played in the studio — totally live.

“Clean Break” is a classic trio shuffle; “Getaway” shows Schofield is eager to continue finding new ways to play the blues, integrating odd time signatures into the genre.

“You don’t find this approach much in the genre, new or old,” he says. “To make it work, the unusual time, in this case 7/8, has to be especially groovy, with just the right feel. The end result makes for uniquely tense solo sections where the lines played on guitar have to weave around the time.”

Other tracks include “Tell Me Some Lies,” his nod to Jimmie Vaughan, and “Red Dragon,” a tribute to Jimi Hendrix’s approach to the blues — one take, all live, late at night, with the band following his every move.

Schofield pays his respects to Albert King with “Breaking Up Somebody’s Home.” Regarding the album’s other cover song, “Yellow Moon,” Schofield says, “It’s funky New Orleans blues, originally done by the Neville Brothers and produced by Daniel Lanois, who we’re a big fan of.”

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From Far Away
Clean Break
Breaking up Somebodies Home
The Day You Left
Oakville Shuffle
Yellow Moon
Tell Me Some Lies
Red Dragon