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May 13, 2013

Free The Tone MS-SOV

Mark Wigston

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Free The Tone Poster_0Matt Schofield has been exclusively using the Free The Tone Custom SOV-2 for many years now and Free The Tone is now honored to announce a special Matt Schofield signature model overdrive pedal, the MS SOV SPECIAL (MS-1V). This model is the most advanced special version of the SOV-2 combining the custom SOV-2 Matt has been using in the past with a newly developed and very special input circuit, called the HTS circuit.  As in the FTT SOV-2, the power is increased internally to +/-15Vdc to provide a wide and dynamic range, and at the same time, it prevents guitar signal degradation when bypassed by implementing the HTS circuit. It also has a very low S/N ratio, and provides a fatter and smoother overdrive tone. The Matt signature model was born out of his request to prevent guitar signal degradation and at the same time, provide a natural guitar tone when bypassed, and we therefore implemented the HTS buffer circuits instead of true-bypass. We provided Matt with a prototype and he made the following comment: “The latest pedal is great! I used it, and loved it, for the whole of my last tour. Best version of the SOV ever for me.” and we are now announcing the Matt signature model with the same specification as the prototype we provided Matt with.

Matt’s autograph is printed on the front-side.
Matt Schofield, a distinctive and innovative British guitarist, was voted Best British Blues Guitarist for the 3rd year running at the 2012 British Blues Awards. We are honored to support a part of his tone and we would appreciate it if you would try the Matt Schofield sound for yourself.

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