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We’re delighted to announce the release of the new album, ‘Far As I Can See’, from guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Matt Schofield on 17 February 2014, and our first release on the Mascot Provogue Label. Schofield’s career has be  More...

Hard copies are sold out! Thanks to all of you who picked up a copy. Now available as digital download only. Purchase Directly here or See links below. A brand new album, recorded during our winter 2011 UK tour, capturing the Matt Schofield Trio at itR  More...

With this album Schofield takes on the challenge of a more diverse palate of songs, fitting his stellar guitar playing into new frameworks. The end result is an exciting and contemporary fusion of blues, funk and rock that is undoubtedly Schofield’s bes  More...

In 2004 Matt Schofield defied convention and made his debut release a live recording. Produced on modest equipment and comprising all covers, it nonetheless made commentators sit up and take notice. Brimming with deep grooves and stellar guitar playing, t  More...

It’s difficult to think of any guitarist in the last decade who has enjoyed quite the same unanimous acclaim as Matt Schofield. In the short space of time since his 2004 debut, this unassuming tone fanatic has already been dubbed one of the top ten   More...

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